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The Pelvic Floor can be a misunderstood and neglected area. We often throw up on our hands and accept things that are common as normal. It is not normal to have leakage, prolapse, incontinence, pain with sex, etc. I take the approach towards pelvic floor rehab that incorporates a lot of concepts from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). In this line of thinking, we like to go least invasive FIRST. Sometimes jumping right into internal work for a pelvic floor problem or doing Kegels, can make the problem WORSE. If your pelvic floor is traumatized (birth, sexual assault, stress, etc.) it may be too tight. I find that it works best if we try to RELAX the area first, and Kegels will do the opposite of this if done without guidance. Internal work can also cause people to tighten up more from anxiety of having the area manipulated or pain from the work itself.

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