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Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization

Dr. Kate was first introduced to DNS through BIRTHFIT and fell in love instantly. It focuses on respiration, joint centration, core stabilization, body and movement awareness, and quality of support. It blends the concepts of both yoga and chiropractic in a way. She spent a good part of 2018 diving into the concepts and incorporating them into practice with patients. She did the first level course of DNS and two specialty course one in Women's Health and one in Visceral Mobilization and Yoga.

DNS is a rehab system based on neurologic development which evaluates motor control to assess and treat the musculoskeletal system. The first year of an infant’s development is broken down into specific movements that can be applied to both children and adults. Core stability through proper diaphragmatic breathing and abdominal bracing is the main principle of DNS and the goal is to achieve optimal muscle coordination by exercising in developmental positions. 

DNS can treat many things including:

  • sprains/strains

  • headaches

  • low back pain

  • pelvic floor dysfunction

  • frozen shoulder

  • hip impingement

  • knee pain

  • TOS

  • tendinitis/tendinosis

  • enhanced athletic performance

To learn more about DNS click here.

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