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Dr. Kate has been a yoga enthusiast since 2009.  She recently completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program.  It encompassed 6 months at Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh.  It was a rewarding experience and helped grow her practice.  The style of yoga she is trained in is Vinyasa Flow, which is a generic term that blends multiple disciplines of yoga.  Vinyasa means "synchronizing active movement with breath." This form of Yoga focuses on warming up our bodies while moving through flowing poses. I have had the pleasure of teaching classes and doing a few workshops in Grove City at Broad St. Yoga. I enjoy both vinyasa and ashtanga classes and love the challenge they present for me.  

Most people assume yoga is only used to increase flexibility.  While this is a phenomenal benefit of a dedicated yoga practice, it is not what yoga solely accomplishes. Yoga can be incredibly strength building.  You do not have to be flexible or strong to start yoga.  That is why you start.  It is a continual journey.  Yoga is what you make of it.  People seek out yoga for a multitude of reasons; increase flexibility, gain strength, enhance physical fitness or to relieve stress.  Your yoga practice can be a way to balance your other physical pursuits or daily stressors.

I typically give every patient that walks through my door certain “exercises” to do which usually include at least a few yoga poses. Symmetry in the body and movement are the keys to health and yoga helps us achieve that.

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